Thursday, June 29, 2006


Life: ordinary

Life has been pretty ordinary though eventful at the same time.

~ We had a bonfire last night at Mission Bay. BEAUTIFUL...
The water was shimmering at sunset. There was singing,
laughing, and s'mores. The only bummer: the chocolate ran

~ Lots of water fights going on at the project. Finally, some of
the guys gave some payback to Brent. They threw him in the

~ I'm enjoying seeing students take steps of faith in Christ in so
many areas of their life.

~ Our project ambushed another project with water balloons.
They had no idea what hit them. Quote from Andrea:
"They looked and acted like they were being killed!" as she
laughed hysterically.

~ I'm enjoying reading 2 timothy: a good reminder to me of
Christ's love, power, and discipline. I need to ask more for
security in those truths.

~ I love rooming with Andrea. She makes me laugh so hard.

~ I had to give some talks in which I'm always nervous. This
upcoming week, I give a few more talks.... and of course
nervous again, but I'm glad I'm passionate about the topics!

Life: ordinary but liking it:-)

Sunday, June 25, 2006



Saving the Harbor Seal in La Jolla. I passed a freshman taking the time on her Saturday to inform and ask people to write a letter to the mayor of La Jolla to save the Harbor Seal. I was amazed by her passion to help these animals. It seems that there are people who come to the beach everyday to pester these animals in their habitat. Kind of sad.

As we talked, I asked her why she was so passionate to help these animals. She answered, "They are helpless and cannot protect themselves. I, we, have a responsibility to help them to survive so our children's children can experience seeing seals in their natural habitat."

I'm amazed at why people do what they do. I filled out an email to the mayor wondering if he would ever read it, but wanted her to know that others do care.

You see I can be passionate about that but more because I feel that we need to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us. This gal and I were able to have an honest chat about that too. But more importantly, I hope she saw Christ in my actions and words and that she would desire the Creator of those wonderful seals in La Jolla.

Friday, June 23, 2006


An Unexpected Meeting

It is one of the weirdest things when you are conversing with new aquaintances and you glance up and see a friend from the past stroll up to you. It is a bit surreal and fun at the same time.

My buddy, Adam Anderson, walked up to me in the cafeteria. I met him last summer in Wildwood, NJ. The last place I expected to see him was San Diego, CA!

So cool to meet his new bride and hopefully we'll get to catch up in the cafeteria and I'll get to know Jaycee. She seems really fun. It seems we are both new west coasters from the midwest.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ho-Hum days are satisfying....

The ho-hum day... nothing truly exciting but still a very significant day.

Laundry: Went to the laundry room, read 2 Timothy a couple of times and prayed to the swish of my clothes in the washer while some sweet ladies were cleaning and singing as they worked.

Sea World: Took the gals to their Sea World interviews. Thought it would be an hour, but was there 2 hours. I enjoyed sitting in the sun, reading over a talk I need to give, and made some phone calls.

A nice lunch: with the gals... we were starving and had a satisfying meal together.

Relaxed and hung out with some students and staff while they got their project sweatshirts. They were so excited!

Dinner: tired but good conversation

Played V-ball with some people random people and talked with them a bit.

Fun conversations and jokes with some acquaintances that are becoming fast friends.

That is a ho-hum day of significance... I love these kinds of days.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Tim Messed With Me

My heart started beating fast when I was sitting with a friend in the car in a parking lot to let her baby sleep for a few more minutes until our BBQ started, when this guy with VERY rosy cheeks, looking a little tipsy, and slurring his, "I need a drink" line.

My first thought was -- oh no! I have a baby sitting in the back of my car! And my hand went to the lock; however, I felt rude... can you believe that? Instead, I just calmly said that I couldn't help him without rolling down the window.

Then he came back with a friend (I had locked the door when he left so we felt a bit safer). They started walking off when we realized.... it was Tim and Todd who are friends! I couldn't believe it!

We had played an Amazing Race game earlier that day and Tim and Todd had to dress up at one of the sites and have people find them. I hadn't seen them all day 'cause I was at the Top Gun Bar site.

I was so scared... I have to think of a way to get those punks back:-) It was pretty funny (after the fact that is).

Saturday, June 17, 2006


The Reason Why I'm in San Diego....

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Students start arriving (actually some even came today) nervous, excited, and wanting to know God deeper this summer.

I'll be hanging out with 5 gals this summer in community reading about God and asking Him to reveal amazing truths about who He is and how He wants us to accept these amazing truths.

There are other aspects of the project but this community with the gals and learning with them about God is my favorite part. To see us grasp the truth of our amazing Savior in a way that compels us to love Him and worship Him in every aspect of our lives is a privilege.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Hotel Del Coranado: San Diego

Here is the Hotel Del Coranado located on Coranado Island just outside of San Diego. We had ice cream on the deck today. It was a gorgeous day and we sat on the beach and talked for a bit before going home to our meetings this evening. It is a beautiful hotel inside as well.



Thanks for responding. It is an interesting question that has many responses.
Mine was along the lines of some women do want power and don't honor men in the process and others don't... which led us to the next question of why does that happen? Or why do some feel that need and other women do not?

This conversation all came about discussing girls calling/texting someone's son pretty relentlessly getting attention and wanting control over the relationship. And then it grew to the question I posted yesterday.
Interesting stuff....


Women Stealing Men's Power

Dinner time posed an interesting discussion.

Do women steal men's power?

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Boats tipping over...

The picture isn't very good... it is a Hobie Cat Sailboat.

Today, I got to try one of these out for our staff social. We were doing well until the very end when our sail got a lot of wind (too much wind) and our boat capsized. Oops. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and my buddy Ryan got our boat upright again and we tried again and made it to shore! Ryan was determined that the rental company wouldn't have to come out and get us. I on the other hand didn't care as much.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Nothing Like A Win

Yesterday, I arrived in San Diego and met my staff team for the summer. Some I barely know and others are aquaintances, but I'm sure we will know each other super well by the end of the 5 weeks here.

Some of us played Settlers of Catan after our meetings today. And you know how sometimes you just know you are destined to win. Well, it happened. Barely, but it happened. I WON! It is so hard to know the boundary of celebrating a great, well-played game and not being a jerk. I was excited nevertheless!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Horatio Hornblower

Tonight, I watched the Horatio Hornblower (the last episodes about duty and loyalty) with my friend the Bazemore's. I had never heard of it until a couple of years ago.

My question at the end of the episode is:
Did Horatio's understanding of duty equal love for him? Did he just not know how to love his wife 'cause he didn't understand his duty to her?

It was an interesting concept to me. Some of you have never seen the Horatio Hornblower series on A & E, but maybe some of you have. Interested in your thoughts...

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Deb's day....

Hi everyone. I don't have a blog so I am using Kerri's. Here's my day...I got up and fed Emma, played with Emma, and put Emma down. Then she got up again, we did a few errands and hurried home because Emma decided she was hungry again. Eight month olds! THEN, Kerri showed up. Late. I just have to smile at all the Sunday mornings she used to wait for me while I was rushing to get ready for church. She would just sit with a tired scowl...waiting. So, it was easy to forgive. We had chinese food for dinner...that I didn't cook. Boy that Lara gal can really cook. (Read Kerri's previous post) Now Emma is sleeping and Kerri and I are writing to her friends. Hey, maybe a few of you are mine too.


Meeting Emma for the second time...

Walking up to the door I pushed the doorbell and immediately thought... oops... Emma is asleep!
BUT the doorbell didn't work, so I knocked lightly and my best friend, Deb let me in.
It is so good to see her! I haven't seen her since October right after Emma was born. She has been my best friend since freshman year of college at Butler University. God's provision for many years of an amazing friendship.
Emma woke up and I got to make faces at her and see her beautiful dimpled smiles. She is adorable. I'm the "aunt" and it is so fun. Deb said that I should say that, "the baby took to you... she loves you!"

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Pasadena: Good and Bad

Pasadena: Lovely city on the north side of LA. Well, it was lovely until I got a parking ticket.... my fault of course. I don't like to interrupt people when they are talking, so I didn't go outside to put more quarters into the meter. And voila on my windshield was a ticket... $35 down the drain because I'm a good listener.

Well, at least Pasadena is lovely, the restaurant quaint, and I got to catch up with an old friend, mentor.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Chillaxin with Lara in the metropolis of Diamond Bar

So, I'm sitting in a Diedrich's coffee with Lara who is helping me learn how to do the blog thing. She is so patient with me.

Why I like to chill with Lara.
~ she helps me with fashion (she went to FIT and talented)
~ we talk about anything and everything
~ we laugh a lot
~ I learn about pop culture from her
~ she is a GREAT cook
dinner: Thai crusted chicken; salad greens with brie,
red onions, strawberries; and couscous.
brunch: scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes;
turkey sausage; brioche bread with honey and
orange marmalade from London; and strawberries
~ she loves food and helps me appreciate food
~ she is affirming and fun to be around.
It is fun to be with her chillaxin:-)

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