Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Learning New Skills

Our office is moving across the river, so part of what I've been doing my first week of non-sabbatical life is helping get our office ready.

Last week I painted some eaves and touched up some spots of paint and then cleaned some bathrooms and such. The highlight for me was getting lunch for all our workerbees that have been helping. I hung out with two students from Lewis and Clark. They are so cool.

Today, I learned a new skill though. I always get a little afraid of home improvement type stuff but today was a victory though I'm not sure I'd be doing this in my home. I used a tool the punched wires into place and cut off the excess with one fell swoop. Pretty cool. I also had to place the wires in their color-coded spot for the wires... Pretty high tech... the only problem is I don't know the names of what I accomplished. Supposedly with little schooling, I could make $50,000 a year. I think I'll stay with my day job.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Pics from Mt. Hood and Lost Lake

The pics... Mt. Hood in it's sunset glory.

Krista, Allie, and myself getting ready to shove off to see Mt. Hood in the middle of Lost Lake. BTW: Krista is an AWESOME rower.

And, Krista and her gals who are dear to me (as well as Matt, Krista's husband, but he wasn't there).


Pics from Berries to Falls

Julie, Andrea, and I filled a bucket each of blueberries. I made a blueberry pie this week with them. YUMMY!

The second picture is one of the many Silver Creek Falls. We were walking behind it when I took that picture.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Camping: Mt. Hood

Camping for 3 and half days. I haven't done that since I was a very little girl... well there was the Savannah trip but we went into the city everyday and saw the sites so it was a bit different, right?

Krista, my friend, took me along camping with her kids, her parents, and her uncle and his kids. We talked, played games, did s'mores, had amazing meals, swam in cold water (at least I did... Krista conveniently left her swimsuit at home!), and hiked all by Mt. Hood. My favorite mountain.

Interesting facts about the trip: Krista is an excellent rower. Her kids are awesome (though I already knew that). Krista's dad is an amazing campfire cook. 2 little girls and 3 adult women in one tent make for a tight fit in a small little tent. There are several Lost Lakes in Oregon -- we went to the one by Mt. Hood.

I would show you pictures but for some reason, I'm not allowed to add images today. BUMMER --- I have some amazing ones! Another time for another blog.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Sabbatical coming to a close soon...

This is the last week! It has gone fast. I'll write more later about the books I read, but for now I'll write about my last two trips. (pictures to come)

Last weekend, I went to Andrea Sandau's parents' farm. It was so fun. It reminded me of Indiana for various reasons. It was harvest time for her dad (though in Indiana it is September/October), dinner was fantastic and was like the meals I had at my friends' houses in Indiana, and I got to do farming type things.

Andrea, Julie Chang, and myself picked blueberries (I got 3 gallons! yummy!). We took a tour of the farm and met her parents and extended family. In Silverton, we ate at a restaurant with amazing sandwiches and famous fries. Then we hiked for a couple hours at Silver Falls State Park! It was so cool walking behind the waterfalls. An amazing dinner at the farm followed with shakes for everyone but me 'cause of my lactose issues but I did sneak a small dose of root beer float! Fun times.

Then this week as my last trip, I'm going camping with Krista and the gals and her family. I'm not an avid camper -- I'd like to learn but I don't have any of the right gear but Krista is helping me out in this area. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know exactly where we are going but I know it will be fun.
This sabbatical has been so worth it! I do feel rested in the Lord!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Visiting Angel: Part 2

Here is Angel at Bubble Tea at the Wok! Doesn't she look great making my lychee bubble tea? It was so fun to see her in her element. The first picture is my favorite part of the process. You put the cup in its holder, it slides under the plastic cover, and hermanically (how do you spell this word?) seals the drink, and then you get to punch the straw through! I don't know why that is so exciting to me, but I LOVE that part! :-) You can check out more at ohangel.blogspot.com. I had a blast, Angel! Look forward to my next Bubble Tea at the Wok experience.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Visiting Angel: part 1

Angel planned a fantastic trip to Sourdough trail. The ranger showed us a hike that went up to Dege Peak in which you had a great view of the glaciers on Mt. Ranier and then this other valley.

The coolest thing: we saw a real, live waddling black bear! The only bummer: he was too far away for a great camera shot.

BUT it was amazing to watch for about 10 minutes.

The day was full of great conversations, catching up on life, and seeing meadows of lupin, purple flowers, glaciers, and valleys.

Bubble tea was fun too... but that will be in the next entry with pictures that I forgot to download!

Friday, August 04, 2006


The Wok

Tonight is the big night! I'll be having dinner at Teriyaki Wok which is Angel's parents' restaurant and then as dessert, I'll be sipping bubble tea at The Wok which is Angel's bubble tea shop of course!

I'm excited to be seeing Angel tonight and see her world a bit. Tomorrow we are driving to the top of Mt. Ranier and then going hiking. Angel is in charge for which I'm thankful... any trip I've been on with Angel she plans it wonderfully!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Falls of Oregon

When I moved to Oregon, I did not think that Oregon had waterfalls. Who knew? (At least in the midwest... who knew?)

Multnomah Falls is just one of many falls just east of Portland. Unfortunately when I went most of the trails right by Multonomah Falls were closed for the day for repair to the trails.

BUT we had a great time doing the "most-traveled" trail. There was a crowd. One boy when we were leaving commented on the traffic jam on the bridge. Glad we went early!

I got to know a new friend, Jessie, better and we also scoped out other trails that lead to other waterfalls. I look forward to seeing the other falls in the not so distant future.

A sidenote is that I'm filling out an application to see if my schedule would allow me to volunteer at a Boys/Girls Club. We'll see what happens....

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