Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Chillaxin with Lara in the metropolis of Diamond Bar

So, I'm sitting in a Diedrich's coffee with Lara who is helping me learn how to do the blog thing. She is so patient with me.

Why I like to chill with Lara.
~ she helps me with fashion (she went to FIT and talented)
~ we talk about anything and everything
~ we laugh a lot
~ I learn about pop culture from her
~ she is a GREAT cook
dinner: Thai crusted chicken; salad greens with brie,
red onions, strawberries; and couscous.
brunch: scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes;
turkey sausage; brioche bread with honey and
orange marmalade from London; and strawberries
~ she loves food and helps me appreciate food
~ she is affirming and fun to be around.
It is fun to be with her chillaxin:-)

YAY! Welcome to the blogosphere! Kerri is the best!
You are too kind, Matt. I'm enjoying it... I'll have lots of questions for my blog mentor throughout the summer:-)
I am a firm believer in do-it-yourself learning.
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