Sunday, June 25, 2006



Saving the Harbor Seal in La Jolla. I passed a freshman taking the time on her Saturday to inform and ask people to write a letter to the mayor of La Jolla to save the Harbor Seal. I was amazed by her passion to help these animals. It seems that there are people who come to the beach everyday to pester these animals in their habitat. Kind of sad.

As we talked, I asked her why she was so passionate to help these animals. She answered, "They are helpless and cannot protect themselves. I, we, have a responsibility to help them to survive so our children's children can experience seeing seals in their natural habitat."

I'm amazed at why people do what they do. I filled out an email to the mayor wondering if he would ever read it, but wanted her to know that others do care.

You see I can be passionate about that but more because I feel that we need to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us. This gal and I were able to have an honest chat about that too. But more importantly, I hope she saw Christ in my actions and words and that she would desire the Creator of those wonderful seals in La Jolla.

Glad to see you join us! And that I can keep up with your life on Eastern Standard Time. ;-)
Glad you can keep up, Tiff! Miss ya. I'm glad to have your link now. later playa:-)
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