Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ho-Hum days are satisfying....

The ho-hum day... nothing truly exciting but still a very significant day.

Laundry: Went to the laundry room, read 2 Timothy a couple of times and prayed to the swish of my clothes in the washer while some sweet ladies were cleaning and singing as they worked.

Sea World: Took the gals to their Sea World interviews. Thought it would be an hour, but was there 2 hours. I enjoyed sitting in the sun, reading over a talk I need to give, and made some phone calls.

A nice lunch: with the gals... we were starving and had a satisfying meal together.

Relaxed and hung out with some students and staff while they got their project sweatshirts. They were so excited!

Dinner: tired but good conversation

Played V-ball with some people random people and talked with them a bit.

Fun conversations and jokes with some acquaintances that are becoming fast friends.

That is a ho-hum day of significance... I love these kinds of days.

I do not think you should pray to the swish of your clothes. You should only pray to God.
LOL -- yes, my editing skills aren't that great, but I'm sure I bring laughter and smiles in my mistakes:-)

Are you back?
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