Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Nothing Like A Win

Yesterday, I arrived in San Diego and met my staff team for the summer. Some I barely know and others are aquaintances, but I'm sure we will know each other super well by the end of the 5 weeks here.

Some of us played Settlers of Catan after our meetings today. And you know how sometimes you just know you are destined to win. Well, it happened. Barely, but it happened. I WON! It is so hard to know the boundary of celebrating a great, well-played game and not being a jerk. I was excited nevertheless!

that's awesome!!! I only hope that one of these days I'll get to win.
Way to go, you broke through that 2nd place curse! :) Lisa
You know I get that "I know I'm going to win" feeling sometimes when I am playing "Clue".

Heh heh heh.
Funny, Matt. I concede you played a masterful game of Clue!

Lisa: That is why I was so excited... the second place was getting old

Lara: I never knew you played Settlers. Do you?
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