Monday, June 19, 2006


Tim Messed With Me

My heart started beating fast when I was sitting with a friend in the car in a parking lot to let her baby sleep for a few more minutes until our BBQ started, when this guy with VERY rosy cheeks, looking a little tipsy, and slurring his, "I need a drink" line.

My first thought was -- oh no! I have a baby sitting in the back of my car! And my hand went to the lock; however, I felt rude... can you believe that? Instead, I just calmly said that I couldn't help him without rolling down the window.

Then he came back with a friend (I had locked the door when he left so we felt a bit safer). They started walking off when we realized.... it was Tim and Todd who are friends! I couldn't believe it!

We had played an Amazing Race game earlier that day and Tim and Todd had to dress up at one of the sites and have people find them. I hadn't seen them all day 'cause I was at the Top Gun Bar site.

I was so scared... I have to think of a way to get those punks back:-) It was pretty funny (after the fact that is).

Hi Kerri,

Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. You can check out mine at

Scott <><
Cool, Scott! I'll check it out! Take care ~
Blogging is fun! Hope you have a great summer in SD. :-)
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