Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The Color Green

Today as you probably know is St. Patrick's Day. I have never really understood the tradition of wearing green so you don't get pinched. Even so, I still wear green mainly so I don't get pinched!

In honor of the Irish, I wore a green blouse. I also ate green grapes for a snack, a pickle with my lunch, and thin mints for dessert. (okay, I know they are black but mint is green and they come in a green box).

Thanks for the Irish! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Visiting Friends and Family in Indiana

I decided to go to Indiana after I realized two things. I'd miss a good friend of mine's wedding and wanted to see her before she moved away and that I wasn't sure when I'd see my family since my jobs for the summer are pretty much back to back. So, I booked my flight and went home last week.

I started off in my hometown where I saw a good high school friend, worked at my mom's shop, visited with my folks and my sister's family. We played a couple of games with the kids.

Then I went to Indy to have dinner with my brothers and their families. My parents played Monkeys Tumbling with my nephew and we watched the kids play while we chatted.

I was able to spend time with my good friend, Patti and her cute little girl. And then I saw Heather and met Dan for the first time, her fiance. (I forgot to take their picture while at dinner... sorry Heather!) It was good to hear all about her wedding and her life. It wasn't the same as getting to go to her wedding but it was a blessing to see her and give their wedding present!

My last day visiting, I saw Doug's sister and gave them their Uncle's gifts for his niece and nephew and we had fun chatting about house sitting and Doug of course. Deb came up to visit and I got to meet her new baby (pic below). She is a cutie and smiles a lot. And finally my nephew got to take me out to dinner with his mom and we went to Pizza King (yummy!) and had our drinks delivered on the train.

Very fun to see everyone. Just wished it was a bit longer to see everyone.

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