Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey, I'm back....

in Portland! A two month adventure for sure. I could write about a lot of things like how good it was to see snow but not so good to shovel 10 inches off your car in Indiana, or the flooding that happened afterwards, or how good it was to be with family, or the retail world at Christmas time, or the riverwalk in San Antonio/the Alamo/Utah/seeing my sister...
And thank you for praying for my dad. He is doing well and can drive again and will go back to work in a couple of weeks. I'm thankful.

I think you get it... it was busy, good, tiring, and rejuvenating all at the same time. The only regret for my time at home was being tired to call some good high school friends of mine to hang out. I'm glad they allow me to be in on their emails and catch up with life in that way! Thanks you guys!

I will write about two things right now that I found entertaining recently.

Not once while getting ready to go to San Antonio did I think about what was in the city of San Antonio except the Riverwalk 'cause my mom and sister talked about how much they like the Riverwalk. So, I was in a car with some co-workers and the driver said, "Remember the Alamo" as we drove past the little mission that is so famous! Ironically, I had forgotten that the Alamo was in San Antonio. How sad is that!

The other tidbit : this is a tribute to how great of a dad my brother, Matthew is : (this is for you, Matthew)
I stayed with my brother before leaving Indiana and he was using his extra time in the evening making a potty chart for his son to be motivated to use the bathroom. It truly was a cool chart with frog stickers and drawn lilypads to put the stickers on. I wish I could have seen my nephew's face in the morning when he saw it. I'm sure he was so excited!

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