Thursday, June 29, 2006


Life: ordinary

Life has been pretty ordinary though eventful at the same time.

~ We had a bonfire last night at Mission Bay. BEAUTIFUL...
The water was shimmering at sunset. There was singing,
laughing, and s'mores. The only bummer: the chocolate ran

~ Lots of water fights going on at the project. Finally, some of
the guys gave some payback to Brent. They threw him in the

~ I'm enjoying seeing students take steps of faith in Christ in so
many areas of their life.

~ Our project ambushed another project with water balloons.
They had no idea what hit them. Quote from Andrea:
"They looked and acted like they were being killed!" as she
laughed hysterically.

~ I'm enjoying reading 2 timothy: a good reminder to me of
Christ's love, power, and discipline. I need to ask more for
security in those truths.

~ I love rooming with Andrea. She makes me laugh so hard.

~ I had to give some talks in which I'm always nervous. This
upcoming week, I give a few more talks.... and of course
nervous again, but I'm glad I'm passionate about the topics!

Life: ordinary but liking it:-)

Thanks Kerri!
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