Thursday, June 08, 2006


Deb's day....

Hi everyone. I don't have a blog so I am using Kerri's. Here's my day...I got up and fed Emma, played with Emma, and put Emma down. Then she got up again, we did a few errands and hurried home because Emma decided she was hungry again. Eight month olds! THEN, Kerri showed up. Late. I just have to smile at all the Sunday mornings she used to wait for me while I was rushing to get ready for church. She would just sit with a tired scowl...waiting. So, it was easy to forgive. We had chinese food for dinner...that I didn't cook. Boy that Lara gal can really cook. (Read Kerri's previous post) Now Emma is sleeping and Kerri and I are writing to her friends. Hey, maybe a few of you are mine too.

Ha ha ha! Kerri was late? I will write about this in my journal.
I can off an off day once in awhile, Matt! I can't always be on time.
DEB! Hey, its Lisa L. I hope things are awesome for you. I'm so excited that Kerri finally has a blog.
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