Friday, December 07, 2007


Hospital news

Yesterday, I traveled with my parents back to my hometown. He is doing well enough to go home! Thank you for all the prayers. I and my family appreciate it. He is resting today and my mom and I have alternated being home with him and doing errands.

The hospital food is about what you would expect. I was thankful for the couple of times my brothers and their wives came by and took me out to eat. Favorite food at the hospital.... maybe it was the veggie tray.

Hospitals also have lighting that I'm convinced makes you drowsy. It was hard to concentrate on anything in the hospital rooms. I can understand why people lose track of the days and even when it is daytime and nighttime.

But on Tuesday evening, it snowed and it was beautiful. And last night our first night home it also snowed. My mom almost threw a snowball at me, but she didn't. I kind of wish she did. ;-)

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Expected Travels

Before heading to Indiana, I had been planning on going to a Bridges conference (ministry to international students) in Seattle. I was able to go and had a great time. I love Seattle and I got to see some of the Seattle staff as well and hear about their lives. It was awesome to meet Blair and Amanda who are two volunteers that take time to be on campus to serve, love, and share who Christ is with international students.
I basically went to learn more about Bridges and ask a lot of questions. They were all great and a fun group of people. We ate well too which is always a plus. The Snappy Dragon had great Chinese food and I also got to go to the original Red Robin.
We also spent some time at University of Washington in the By George cafe. Does anyone know where the phrase, "By George" came from? We had an interesting conversation about that on our way to and from the cafe. :-)


Unexpected Travel

Unexpected travels usually means unexpected news. My news was about a month ago. My dad called to let me know that he was having some trouble breathing. After several tests the news started to become expected... surgery of some kind.

As I sit here today, I'm grateful to say that his surgery (heart valve replacement) went very well and he is recovering "nicely" as the doctors say.

I'm grateful that my unexpected travel led me "home" to see him and to help my mom during this time. I'm also grateful for the added bonuses with this unexpected travel like going to my nephew's 1st birthday party. Several other nieces and nephews are celebrating their birthdays too. Time with my parents that I would not have had. Celebrating New Year's for the first time in 14 years with them as my dad recovers. Although the trip seemed and can seem to be sad, it also has great potential to have redeeming qualities about it. I'm grateful that the Lord is already allowing me to see His good gifts in the midst of chaos.

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