Thursday, January 22, 2009


Feeling a little out of sorts...

Once again it is beautiful outside; however, I'm stuck inside. This week has been in the 70's and normally I'd be enjoying it for all it is worth. But, alas, I am inside drinking plenty of fluids and blowing my nose. I have a cold unfortunately.

So, instead I'm filling out my graduate program applications, reading, and watching the premier of LOST on-line since I missed it last night.

I'll have to enjoy the weather another time... it is to be back to normal temperatures this weekend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wii Fit

This Christmas, I received a wii as well as some fun gadgets with it like the wii fit balance board. Before it got cold, I was running/walking almost every day but now not so much and I did Pilates via a DVD. It is okay but not as fun as running.

I was just lamenting over this with my friend, Deb as well as seeing this article on this company that sends you a new exercise DVD every month. So I was contemplating this...

BUT thanks to Doug, I got the wii fit. I've been almost faithfully working out to it. I've been surprised at how much is on that thing and I've been surprised what activities have been more difficult for me like the hula hoop aerobic exercise! Who knew my hips wouldn't move that well... though I made a vast improvement today on the hula hoop.

Yes, it does weigh you everyday but I like that it shows you progress and that it tells you when you aren't doing a pose right for the strength/yoga exercises. I also like that it opens new activities/longer reps as you go.

All in all it has gotten a lot of use so far... now if I can just figure out how to snowboard on the balance games... I'm "unbalanced" according to the wii. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009


The Mysterious Package

Before Christmas, a package arrived at my door from there was no note or indication of who it may be from except the fact that it was from Amazon. (It wasn't until after I opened it that I remembered that some people have died this way or seriously injured... opening unidentified packages). My curiousity grew as I opened it and I was glad I did. For inside was one of my favorite games, Ticket to Ride : European.

I wondered who it could be from... I have a couple of friends back in Portland that knew this was a game I enjoyed... could it be from them? I've asked... and it wasn't... they gave me a clue who it is from... so now I'm going to write a thank you card to who I think it is from... who knows, she may be mystified by my mysterious thank you card or she may know that I am very thankful for her gift!

Last night, Doug and I played it and of course had a great time! Thank you to those that leave great mysterious packages.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Here is a brief update on the last 6 months...

Back in June before the Lifelines project, I packed up all my stuff in a moving van and road tripped it to Denver with Doug.

We stopped in Utah to visit my sister and family too.

I kept all my stuff at
some friends' house in Denver while on project.

I did survive the Lifelines project. Everything was new and definitely exciting. Backpacking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Most of my time was spent with the rock climbing group. Here are some pics from the summer.

After project, I flew back to Portland for a month and stayed with the Mikalatos' while transitioning my role of being a Regional Director before heading back to Denver. While back in Portland, I was thankful to celebrate my good friend, Angel's, birthday, go on some hikes with Shasta, visit Washington Park with Shasta and Krista, and have a very nice going away party from my 12 years of working with CCC. It was a very nice time. (Oh, I forgot the many hours of watching the Olympics with Shasta on the couch)

After a tearful goodbye and journeying once again from Portland to Denver (not to mention a massive computer problem which delayed me a bit in leaving), I was on my way through Utah (where I saw the Phinney's and Lovejoy's) and then onto to Denver where I now reside (I guess I should change my profile, huh?)

I did take a brief trip home over Labor Day to see my family too. Doug went with me and he got to meet 3 more of my siblings' families as well as my parents and see my hometown. We also went to Bloomington to see my best friend and her family. Again, a few pictures...

Fun to see everyone and for Doug to see my world a bit. Then time to finally settle in Denver. For the last 3 months, I've been hitting the job trail, looking into graduate programs, and learning a lot about myself as well as enjoying some time to think and pray about my future. Some highlights have been my birthday (to which Doug made a nice dinner), cooking Thanksgiving meal and celebrating with friends not to mention Christmas too. And a visit from our friends from the mountains with their baby. That wraps up the update with a few more pictures. :-)


Almost 6 months have gone by...

I noticed today that in 2 days it will have been six months since I last blogged. That just is not acceptable...I really don't know what happened except life. My first 2009 New Year's Resolution is to not just let life happen but to write all about what has happened on a more regular basis...

I hereby give permission to those of you who care to pester me if you don't see a post on here for at least a month.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2009!

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