Friday, June 09, 2006


Horatio Hornblower

Tonight, I watched the Horatio Hornblower (the last episodes about duty and loyalty) with my friend the Bazemore's. I had never heard of it until a couple of years ago.

My question at the end of the episode is:
Did Horatio's understanding of duty equal love for him? Did he just not know how to love his wife 'cause he didn't understand his duty to her?

It was an interesting concept to me. Some of you have never seen the Horatio Hornblower series on A & E, but maybe some of you have. Interested in your thoughts...

I've wanted to watch the Hornblower series but haven't had the chance. It looks very interesting, you've now confirmed for me that its a must see. -Lisa
Nope I've never even heard of it (HH). You are so good at keeping your blog going. I'm taking a lesson from you.
These just all sound like foreign words to me...
Ahh... well, it is English. The series are based off of a book. It is about a guy's journey through the British navy.
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