Sunday, February 25, 2007


On my way... again...

Heading off to South Carolina tomorrow morning.
I'm finding I have a bunch of details to get done and little time. I'll probably catch up a bit on some emails while watching the Oscars tonight. Who will win, who will win? I must confess that I'm not sure I've seen any of the movies nominated for best picture... I'll catch 'em later I guess.

In the meantime I'm hoping to also catch up on some reading... a book on Volunteering... a book on raising funds... and just a fun book of mystery.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A gal, A conversation, and A change in us all

Friday through Monday, I spent time in San Jose at our West Coast Epic Conference. Asian-American students who desire Christ and worship Him met together, and I was privileged to be around and soak it all in.

Some highlights:

~ rooming with one of my closest friends, Lara.... we just talk for hours on end about anything and everything
~ meeting students and getting to know their life and what they are trusting the Lord with on their campuses
~ going to the Vietnamese festival and sharing Christ's message

At the festival, I introduced Laila and myself to Luan. We asked Luan about her purpose in life and she knew it was to trust God but didn't know about how to go about it. We asked if we could share why we have purpose and began to tell her about Christ.

Luan opened up her life to us as we talked and she confessed that she was lonely and that at times thinks about taking her life but knows she is to trust God; however, He seemed elusive to her. As we shared about Christ and how He died for us, she became very focused and asked more ?'s.

She decided to follow Christ and surrender her life to Him. I haven't seen such an open heart to the gospel in a long time. It is hard to put into words what a privilege it was to see her process and realize truth and grab a hold of it 'cause she knew she needed a Savior!

That day Luan changed and we also changed as we continue to see that Christ is our true peace, hope, and Savior!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Bragging Rights?

Last week, our office was invited to participate in a Valentine's Bowling Celebration called Bowl and Brag.

Soon after this invite came out, the topic of conversation was bowling and it came out that I used to be in a bowling league. So the pressure was on for me to do well today.

The first few frames I did not deserve bragging rights... but then something kicked in... my competitive edge came through; however, I did not think it would be enough so I became content to be the best bowler on my team. I finished and had a respectable 153 so I was happy.

AND THEN: Cas told me I won the whole thing! I was so surprised that I didn't really brag. So I felt I need to write it on my blog so I can say I bragged!

Friday, February 09, 2007


T.V. Antenae, grace, and other news

Getting a new T.V. antenae moved to the top of my to-do list when this week the wire frayed... making the already fuzzy screen even fuzzier! Usually this is how my life works with tangible things... once it breaks all the way, I move into action.

Grace and mercy has come to me through two almost car accidents. One would have been my fault but the lady was brilliant and slowed down -- I went into her lane to pass a stopped car and didn't see her. I said sorry and she laughed it off which was amazing to me for I really could have hit her hard. Praise the Lord!

The other one happened two days ago on my way home from watching LOST with some friends. The guy/gal (not sure -- cause it happened so fast) did not see me and started to turn left. I slammed the brakes and turned the wheel and we missed each other by inches. I'm thankful we didn't hit each other and again grateful to the Lord. A stiff arm, sore shoulders from the seat belt, and a bruise on my knee is nothing compared to what could have happened. Again I praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!

Other than that doing well and enjoying reading a book on Churchill and how he decided to continue fighting Hitler when others did not want to. Interesting stuff!

Monday, February 05, 2007


A Poem

Not often do I write a poem. Actually, I remember my English teacher in high school telling us that there is no right way to write a poem and yet when I turned it in and got it back, my poem had a C+ in red marked on it... hmmm... I didn't quite believe her and poems did not become my friend.

BUT when I got 3 text messages and a phone call about the Bears losing... I thought it was time to write a poem.

Here it is:
Don’t you fret
Don’t you frown
Don’t go thinking I’m down

A bummed fan
Down and out
But hopeful with a shout

To say congrats to Dungy
A class act coach

I may just call this poem -- Dungy's Ode.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Only 2 days away!!!!

It is true! I'm obsessed with the Bears and the Colts... I think it is the most popular topic of blogging for me in the last month, but it is almost here!

It has been funny reading the newspaper articles on my hometown being divided. (We are a city smack dab in the middle geographically of Chicago and Indianapolis) It has also been funny reading the predictions of the game.

A writer for the Indianapolis Star: Colts 39, the Bears 13
A writer for the Chicago Tribune: Bears 24, the Colts 13

Either way the loser, I guess loses with 13 points.

I'm excited to see who wins out and I'm sure there will be another blog on the topic on Monday! Cheer hard for your team/at least eat lots of food!

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