Saturday, December 23, 2006


Everyone is here!

We are officially here to celebrate Christmas! My sister and her kids just walked through the doors while I was working on a Christmas gift on my parent's dial-up. It is so slow... I forget sometimes. But I'm glad they have internet of some kind. They are the last to arrive for 3 days full of games, celebrating, and getting reacquainted with everyone!

Tonight we will also have the famous pizza of Pizza King. A chain only found in Indiana. They have the best hot subs I have tasted. It is a tradition to have Pizza King at least once if not twice while home! The other is having ice cream from the Tastee Freeze (umm... I mean the Busy Bee -- it has changed names and I always forget). It is only open in the summer though so I'll have to wait until June or August... not sure when coming home again.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Parties, Parties, Parties

So, I came home and my social calendar is suddenly FULL! I have been to my niece's birthday party (she turned 5), I have been to my dad's clinic Christmas party, I have seen the Christmas cantata at our church, I went to a dance recital for nieces and a nephew, and I had lunch with Santa Clause today!

Whew... already tired but it has been fun.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Home for the Holidays

On Thursday evening, I'll see this scene though it will be colder and maybe some snow. It is my hometown.

It will be great to see familiar sights and be in a house so full of memories. All 30 of us will gather for Christmas in my parents' house.

In Indiana a song that we sing is, "Back Home Again In Indiana." It will be nice to be back!

The lyrics to the song:

First verse
I have always been a wand'rer
Over land and sea
Yet a moonbeam on the water
Casts a spell o'er me
A vision fair I see
Again I seem to be

Back home again in Indiana,
And it seems that I can see
The gleaming candlelight, still burning bright,
Through the
sycamores for me.
The new-mown hay sends all its fragrance
Through the fields I used to roam.
When I dream about the moonlight on the
How I long for my Indiana home.

Second verse
Fancy paints on mem'ry's canvas
Scenes that we hold dear
We recall them in days after
Clearly they appear
And often times I see
A scene that's dear to me

Monday, December 11, 2006


Movie Weekend

What do Cars, Lakehouse, The Nativity, and Monster House all have in common? Movies that I've seen while resting these past two weeks.

This summer I wanted to watch Cars but never got around to it. I enjoyed the movie (I pretty much have liked all the pixar movies). The thing I was most impressed by was that the cars having romance didn't use trickery to fall in love... just going two different paths. BUT honestly, the best part of the DVD was hearing how the writer was inspired. He went on a road trip to get to know his family again after working hard on some movies.

The Nativity is actually out currently. I enjoyed it... moved a little slow but I think that was the point in some ways. It prepared me for Christmas. The cast is not American, which I liked and the props, landscapes, and costumes looked real. Gave me more of an appreciation for the Christmas story!

Lakehouse was my least favorite of all... but entertaining. You really do have to suspend reality.

And then there was Monster House. Pretty scary for animation and it reminded me of The Goonies for whatever reason. It was creative, bizarre, and downright scary at times.

So that is what I've been doing while resting trying to get over whatever it is I've got.

Friday, December 08, 2006


White Christmas

Watching White Christmas was a movie my sister, Stacy, introduced to me when I was about 9 years old. We would watch it together sometimes or I would catch it on TV at odd times during the holidays. It has become one of my favorites as time goes on and I like introducing people to it.
On Wednesday of this past week, the Mikalatos' had a Christmas party and we watched it. I like the music, the story, and all the 1940's talk like snoods, train tickets, and phones that you can overhear other's conversations.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


My Vocabulary is Dwindling

A friend of mine, Mikalatos, has told me in the past that I have "midwest curse words". I was baffled what this meant because I don't cuss and genuinely do not like to say bad things to people or about people.

So today Mikalatos told me he was going to send me the real meaning of these words... I did not want him to, but he did... so now my vocabulary is dwindling and I'll need to find other words to describe my angst. (these words: punk and putz in case you are curious)

Monday, December 04, 2006


Introducing: Ryan

On Dec. 1st, Ryan was born to my brother and his wife! Ryan is their first child. This makes #14 for nieces and nephews.

I'll look forward to meeting him in a few short weeks! Congrats, Christopher and Kristen!


Office funnies

Today, I was talking to Sarah Son and suddenly a white little dog appears in our office. It was so excited to see people that it had an accident.... then others in the office came out and started to say 'hi' to the dog and it kept tinkling all over...

Now that is one excited dog.

Who's is it? The guy in the office next door, Mike. He was a bit embarrassed but it sure made me laugh.

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