Thursday, March 27, 2008


Nations Summit

This weekend, I have the opportunity to go to the 3rd Nations Summit. Nations is an outreach to Native Americans. My desire in going is to learn more about the various Native American cultures, to hear from 6 Native Americans who are doing ministry amidst their tribes, and to brainstorm ways in which we can help resource and be a part of the Nations movement. I'm looking forward to telling you what I learn.


A Perk in going to Denver....

is spending time with Doug.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Taking the Time to Celebrate Easter

Several times, holidays feel like they come and go and you barely have time to enjoy them fully and to have time to reflect and think on why we celebrate in the first place.

This Easter was one in which I felt like I had the time to reflect... I think it had something to do with the fact that I took the time to have time to enjoy, reflect, and to celebrate.

Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to a prayer labyrinth. My church had a group of people put together a prayer walk that brought you to the feet of Christ. The first part you put aside those things that hinder you from hearing God's voice. The middle part you are at the feet of Christ. The third part as you leave is designed to think on others and serving others.

Friday, I went to our Good Friday service where you reflect on the crucifixion of Christ. You journey his journey in a sense and remember why Jesus died for us. There was singing, passages from the gospels read as well as acted out, and there was a woman who visually drew the story with sand art. It was pretty amazing and the story ends with Jesus' death. You did not hear about the resurrection which is a bit sobering; however, it did help me personally to think on how long 3 days is and how powerful the resurrection is as Jesus has power over death.

Then on Sunday a great celebration over the resurrection and that we live in Christ. I love singing and was happy to sing "Christ is Risen Today." To hear how Christ has power over death and all in this world and the spiritual world and how this helps us to have a relationship with Christ. To hear the Alleluiah chorus and to finish up the day with a feast with friends who came over.

It was nice to celebrate Christ and I'm thankful to know Him.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Who Really Deserves the Parking Ticket?

Outside of our office, there is parking on the street from 9AM to 4PM. As most of you know, working hours tend to be a little longer than the 4PM time which creates a dilemma for some at work. If I choose to park on the street which is closer than parking a block away on a side street, will I remember to move my car before 4PM so I don't get a $70 ticket?

So, yesterday I was leaving our almost always full parking lot and I couldn't get out of the parking lot. Why? Because the parking ticket guy was parked illegally in front of the parking lot entrance giving 3 people a parking ticket for being there after 4PM.

It all seems a little comical, unjust, and ironic all at the same time. But I know it felt more unjust to my two co-workers who got a ticket :-(

Part of me wanted to honk, part of me wanted to say he had no business giving others a ticket 'cause he was blocking traffic, and part of me understood that he was doing his job. Oh, the moral dilemmas!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What I'm reading these days...

This weekend was the first time in awhile I had a chance to do extended reading beyond being on a LONG flight from Atlanta to Portland. So I thought I'd let you know what I'm reading...

~ An Unfinished Life : A biography of JFK. I'm enjoying reading the book for the sheer fact that international politics is a huge focus and his views on the world which was contrary to his father's isolationist views. It is a book where you want to dislike JFK (actually his father more so) in regards to how he treated women and how privileged he was but on the other side you can have compassion on him from the way he was brought up, his health issues, and losing his brother and sister within months of each other in tragic deaths.

~ The gospel of Mark : I joined a women's Bible study at church and we are reading and studying the book of Mark. Anytime you read the book, the word, immediately, jumps out at you for it feels like it is the beginning of every sentence. I'm reminded that God does act quickly and that I act slowly on the behalf of others. It has also been good to study the kind of authority Jesus exercised over physics, gravity, death, demons, sickness, etc. A good reminder of His power and soveriegnty.

~ A Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church : reading this book in regards to the fact that I'm working with ethnic students and the question comes up a lot about why the church in the U.S. is segregated. I'm also reading this book 'cause the church I attend here in Portland is multi-ethnic and I love it. I feel like the leaders of our church has embraced the fact that ministry is messy, working with others is a lot about relying on Christ and forgiving others and admitting we are wrong, and that they work through cultural issues pretty well. I have learned a lot about myself and my heart in going to this church.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Flat Irons and Bakeries

On my way to a conference, I had the opportunity to visit Doug in the Denver area. The Bonjour Bakery in Edwards, CO has some of the tastiest pecan bars that I have ever tasted. As you can see we got to see a bit of snow as well.

The flat irons were also a destination. I've seen them from afar but not that close... we saw some deer up there but my picture taking skills didn't match up with the moment that is for sure. It was a beautiful sight though.

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