Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Visitors on Turkey Day

My friends, the Bazemore's, came to visit me for Thanksgiving!

It has meant a lot to me to have someone who knows me come to visit and stay with me. It actually makes you feel more grown up for whatever reason to not have to find a place to hang out on a holiday and that you plan the time and cook for someone else.

Usually I go home or I'm a guest where I may bring one aspect of the meal but I realized that this was more fun for me to have people over. I got to roast the turkey and it actually turned out well... Deb made rolls, the salad, and a pie. It was fun to collaborate and make some new traditions.

It was also fun to be home for a holiday and the time with Deb, Matt, and Emma was priceless to me. They are like family.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Reno: The biggest little city in the world

I'm in Reno, Nevada for the first time and the picture is the infamous arc declaring Reno as the biggest little city in the world! Pretty fun.
Tomorrow I get to go to Lake Tahoe for the first time as well with the intern team of Reno. It has been great visiting them and seeing UNR and meeting the students they work with. It has been a ride. The students are social, fun, and raw. The library is the loudest one I've ever been too and the buildings are beautiful.
The glitz and lights have a certain charm as well... Christmas all year long!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Those Miami Dolphins!

In 1985, I danced to the super bowl suffle as did everyone in my small town near Chicago. It was the year that the Bears could have been undefeated and I remember watching the dream fall to the Miami Dolphins. They beat 'em and they beat 'em good.

Now it is 2006 and again the Miami Dolphins again beat the undefeated Bears and beat 'em good! Why does history repeat itself? The only difference... the Dolphins were good in 1985.


Missed the Earthquake

Last night I heard a noise... like a boom or door banging... thought nothing of it. Thought it was my screen door actually.
Then there was a NEWSFLASH... interupting the commercial I was watching to inform me that I missed an earthquake in my neighborhood.
Strange how I could not feel the earthquake but thousands of people, the richter scale, and the news told me I did indeed miss an earthquake in my neigborhood!

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