Thursday, June 15, 2006


Women Stealing Men's Power

Dinner time posed an interesting discussion.

Do women steal men's power?

What do you think?

Yes, I think this is sometimes true but the reasons and ways it happens are very complex. Also, I think some women steal leadership roles or responsibilities from men. I am not saying women can never or should never be leaders.

This is a great question.
Something can only be stolen if it is left unattended. What does that look like, men?
hey, we're in Costa Rica now. Sailing sounded like quite the adventure. \i'm sure we'll have many opportunities to discuss your gender issue in the future. I had guanabana shake or something like that tonight. It was good...
Krista ~ yummy... you are bringing back memories for me. You can get those drinks in so many ways. Cas/Banana/guanabana/carrot/papaya with milk or with water.
I preferred water 'cause milk made me sick.

Cas was my favorite... it is a fruit that is native there. I may be mispelling it... Have a good time!
context is everything
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