Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A gal, A conversation, and A change in us all

Friday through Monday, I spent time in San Jose at our West Coast Epic Conference. Asian-American students who desire Christ and worship Him met together, and I was privileged to be around and soak it all in.

Some highlights:

~ rooming with one of my closest friends, Lara.... we just talk for hours on end about anything and everything
~ meeting students and getting to know their life and what they are trusting the Lord with on their campuses
~ going to the Vietnamese festival and sharing Christ's message

At the festival, I introduced Laila and myself to Luan. We asked Luan about her purpose in life and she knew it was to trust God but didn't know about how to go about it. We asked if we could share why we have purpose and began to tell her about Christ.

Luan opened up her life to us as we talked and she confessed that she was lonely and that at times thinks about taking her life but knows she is to trust God; however, He seemed elusive to her. As we shared about Christ and how He died for us, she became very focused and asked more ?'s.

She decided to follow Christ and surrender her life to Him. I haven't seen such an open heart to the gospel in a long time. It is hard to put into words what a privilege it was to see her process and realize truth and grab a hold of it 'cause she knew she needed a Savior!

That day Luan changed and we also changed as we continue to see that Christ is our true peace, hope, and Savior!

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