Monday, February 05, 2007


A Poem

Not often do I write a poem. Actually, I remember my English teacher in high school telling us that there is no right way to write a poem and yet when I turned it in and got it back, my poem had a C+ in red marked on it... hmmm... I didn't quite believe her and poems did not become my friend.

BUT when I got 3 text messages and a phone call about the Bears losing... I thought it was time to write a poem.

Here it is:
Don’t you fret
Don’t you frown
Don’t go thinking I’m down

A bummed fan
Down and out
But hopeful with a shout

To say congrats to Dungy
A class act coach

I may just call this poem -- Dungy's Ode.

What a good sport you are.
Matt says that he gives your poem a c+.
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