Friday, February 02, 2007


Only 2 days away!!!!

It is true! I'm obsessed with the Bears and the Colts... I think it is the most popular topic of blogging for me in the last month, but it is almost here!

It has been funny reading the newspaper articles on my hometown being divided. (We are a city smack dab in the middle geographically of Chicago and Indianapolis) It has also been funny reading the predictions of the game.

A writer for the Indianapolis Star: Colts 39, the Bears 13
A writer for the Chicago Tribune: Bears 24, the Colts 13

Either way the loser, I guess loses with 13 points.

I'm excited to see who wins out and I'm sure there will be another blog on the topic on Monday! Cheer hard for your team/at least eat lots of food!

GO COLTS!!! Sorry, Kerri. I'm sure you are mourning today. Woo hoo!
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