Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Falls of Oregon

When I moved to Oregon, I did not think that Oregon had waterfalls. Who knew? (At least in the midwest... who knew?)

Multnomah Falls is just one of many falls just east of Portland. Unfortunately when I went most of the trails right by Multonomah Falls were closed for the day for repair to the trails.

BUT we had a great time doing the "most-traveled" trail. There was a crowd. One boy when we were leaving commented on the traffic jam on the bridge. Glad we went early!

I got to know a new friend, Jessie, better and we also scoped out other trails that lead to other waterfalls. I look forward to seeing the other falls in the not so distant future.

A sidenote is that I'm filling out an application to see if my schedule would allow me to volunteer at a Boys/Girls Club. We'll see what happens....

What a beautiful waterfall, I'm jealous you get to see it. I love seeing cool stuff like that in nature. Keep enjoying the Sab. Lisa
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