Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Sabbatical coming to a close soon...

This is the last week! It has gone fast. I'll write more later about the books I read, but for now I'll write about my last two trips. (pictures to come)

Last weekend, I went to Andrea Sandau's parents' farm. It was so fun. It reminded me of Indiana for various reasons. It was harvest time for her dad (though in Indiana it is September/October), dinner was fantastic and was like the meals I had at my friends' houses in Indiana, and I got to do farming type things.

Andrea, Julie Chang, and myself picked blueberries (I got 3 gallons! yummy!). We took a tour of the farm and met her parents and extended family. In Silverton, we ate at a restaurant with amazing sandwiches and famous fries. Then we hiked for a couple hours at Silver Falls State Park! It was so cool walking behind the waterfalls. An amazing dinner at the farm followed with shakes for everyone but me 'cause of my lactose issues but I did sneak a small dose of root beer float! Fun times.

Then this week as my last trip, I'm going camping with Krista and the gals and her family. I'm not an avid camper -- I'd like to learn but I don't have any of the right gear but Krista is helping me out in this area. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know exactly where we are going but I know it will be fun.
This sabbatical has been so worth it! I do feel rested in the Lord!

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