Thursday, August 24, 2006


Camping: Mt. Hood

Camping for 3 and half days. I haven't done that since I was a very little girl... well there was the Savannah trip but we went into the city everyday and saw the sites so it was a bit different, right?

Krista, my friend, took me along camping with her kids, her parents, and her uncle and his kids. We talked, played games, did s'mores, had amazing meals, swam in cold water (at least I did... Krista conveniently left her swimsuit at home!), and hiked all by Mt. Hood. My favorite mountain.

Interesting facts about the trip: Krista is an excellent rower. Her kids are awesome (though I already knew that). Krista's dad is an amazing campfire cook. 2 little girls and 3 adult women in one tent make for a tight fit in a small little tent. There are several Lost Lakes in Oregon -- we went to the one by Mt. Hood.

I would show you pictures but for some reason, I'm not allowed to add images today. BUMMER --- I have some amazing ones! Another time for another blog.

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