Monday, March 24, 2008


Taking the Time to Celebrate Easter

Several times, holidays feel like they come and go and you barely have time to enjoy them fully and to have time to reflect and think on why we celebrate in the first place.

This Easter was one in which I felt like I had the time to reflect... I think it had something to do with the fact that I took the time to have time to enjoy, reflect, and to celebrate.

Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to a prayer labyrinth. My church had a group of people put together a prayer walk that brought you to the feet of Christ. The first part you put aside those things that hinder you from hearing God's voice. The middle part you are at the feet of Christ. The third part as you leave is designed to think on others and serving others.

Friday, I went to our Good Friday service where you reflect on the crucifixion of Christ. You journey his journey in a sense and remember why Jesus died for us. There was singing, passages from the gospels read as well as acted out, and there was a woman who visually drew the story with sand art. It was pretty amazing and the story ends with Jesus' death. You did not hear about the resurrection which is a bit sobering; however, it did help me personally to think on how long 3 days is and how powerful the resurrection is as Jesus has power over death.

Then on Sunday a great celebration over the resurrection and that we live in Christ. I love singing and was happy to sing "Christ is Risen Today." To hear how Christ has power over death and all in this world and the spiritual world and how this helps us to have a relationship with Christ. To hear the Alleluiah chorus and to finish up the day with a feast with friends who came over.

It was nice to celebrate Christ and I'm thankful to know Him.

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