Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Who Really Deserves the Parking Ticket?

Outside of our office, there is parking on the street from 9AM to 4PM. As most of you know, working hours tend to be a little longer than the 4PM time which creates a dilemma for some at work. If I choose to park on the street which is closer than parking a block away on a side street, will I remember to move my car before 4PM so I don't get a $70 ticket?

So, yesterday I was leaving our almost always full parking lot and I couldn't get out of the parking lot. Why? Because the parking ticket guy was parked illegally in front of the parking lot entrance giving 3 people a parking ticket for being there after 4PM.

It all seems a little comical, unjust, and ironic all at the same time. But I know it felt more unjust to my two co-workers who got a ticket :-(

Part of me wanted to honk, part of me wanted to say he had no business giving others a ticket 'cause he was blocking traffic, and part of me understood that he was doing his job. Oh, the moral dilemmas!

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