Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The Denver Victorian Theater

As a gift, I got Doug tickets to go see Educating Rita which is a play. We had to forgo the original date 'cause I was coughing up a storm but we finally got to see it this weekend.

The play itself was about a woman in England who desired to become educated to see the beauty the world has to offer. She is tutored by a reluctant professor at the university but he needs money so he goes ahead and gives her an education. It turns out that they both teach each other over the year... he learns more about living life and subjectivity and she learns how to critique literature.

Although it sounds very dry, the play was enjoyable. The actress was funny and witty and knew how to play up all the jokes as well as her ignorance and the actor played a cynic very convincingly.

The unique part about the play was that it was performed at the Denver Victorian Theater. The theater is located in a residential area due to the fact that the theater is indeed a Victorian house. The actual stage is in the basement and in the 1920's was a Shakespearean theater. It was a fun environment to watch the play. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys plays and a new experience.

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