Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The Color Green

Today as you probably know is St. Patrick's Day. I have never really understood the tradition of wearing green so you don't get pinched. Even so, I still wear green mainly so I don't get pinched!

In honor of the Irish, I wore a green blouse. I also ate green grapes for a snack, a pickle with my lunch, and thin mints for dessert. (okay, I know they are black but mint is green and they come in a green box).

Thanks for the Irish! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Visiting Friends and Family in Indiana

I decided to go to Indiana after I realized two things. I'd miss a good friend of mine's wedding and wanted to see her before she moved away and that I wasn't sure when I'd see my family since my jobs for the summer are pretty much back to back. So, I booked my flight and went home last week.

I started off in my hometown where I saw a good high school friend, worked at my mom's shop, visited with my folks and my sister's family. We played a couple of games with the kids.

Then I went to Indy to have dinner with my brothers and their families. My parents played Monkeys Tumbling with my nephew and we watched the kids play while we chatted.

I was able to spend time with my good friend, Patti and her cute little girl. And then I saw Heather and met Dan for the first time, her fiance. (I forgot to take their picture while at dinner... sorry Heather!) It was good to hear all about her wedding and her life. It wasn't the same as getting to go to her wedding but it was a blessing to see her and give their wedding present!

My last day visiting, I saw Doug's sister and gave them their Uncle's gifts for his niece and nephew and we had fun chatting about house sitting and Doug of course. Deb came up to visit and I got to meet her new baby (pic below). She is a cutie and smiles a lot. And finally my nephew got to take me out to dinner with his mom and we went to Pizza King (yummy!) and had our drinks delivered on the train.

Very fun to see everyone. Just wished it was a bit longer to see everyone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Cooking Successes and Failures

I've always enjoyed baking; however, I wasn't always sure about cooking meals. I was spoiled in Portland 'cause my friends are amazing cooks. Shasta, Krista, and Angel all taught me a lot about foods I've never really tried or been familiar with.

Since moving to Denver, I've had a lot of time to practice my cooking skills. There is also an extra challenge. Doug cannot eat certain foods for health reasons, so I've learned how to substitute a lot of ingredients for flour and dairy products.

So my successes since trying have been flour-less chocolate cake (though obviously some dairy involved), pie crusts (pumpkin and pecan), pine-nut cookies, lemon glaze cookies, and strawberry roll cookies. I've also learned to use cornmeal instead of flour for things like meatballs and meatloaf too. I've learned about guar gum and xanthum gum to make things stick and I'm sure I'll learn more as I go.

I've been surprised at how well everything has turned out. BUT like most new enterprises, I have had some failures too. Those pine-nut cookies... the first time they were more like peanut brittle than cookies. Another example is Doug's birthday dessert. I tried to make homemade pudding with a few substitutes. This time I don't think the disaster had anything to do with the ingredients... I don't think I'm a good whisker. When it was time to take the pudding out of the refrigerator, it was more like a sauce than a pudding. It still tasted good but did not have the right form. So instead of putting the sauteed pears on top of the pudding, I ended up putting the "sauce" on the pears and sticking the candles on the pears. We both think it still tasted good but it definitely did not turn out like I'd hoped.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The Denver Victorian Theater

As a gift, I got Doug tickets to go see Educating Rita which is a play. We had to forgo the original date 'cause I was coughing up a storm but we finally got to see it this weekend.

The play itself was about a woman in England who desired to become educated to see the beauty the world has to offer. She is tutored by a reluctant professor at the university but he needs money so he goes ahead and gives her an education. It turns out that they both teach each other over the year... he learns more about living life and subjectivity and she learns how to critique literature.

Although it sounds very dry, the play was enjoyable. The actress was funny and witty and knew how to play up all the jokes as well as her ignorance and the actor played a cynic very convincingly.

The unique part about the play was that it was performed at the Denver Victorian Theater. The theater is located in a residential area due to the fact that the theater is indeed a Victorian house. The actual stage is in the basement and in the 1920's was a Shakespearean theater. It was a fun environment to watch the play. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys plays and a new experience.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Feeling a little out of sorts...

Once again it is beautiful outside; however, I'm stuck inside. This week has been in the 70's and normally I'd be enjoying it for all it is worth. But, alas, I am inside drinking plenty of fluids and blowing my nose. I have a cold unfortunately.

So, instead I'm filling out my graduate program applications, reading, and watching the premier of LOST on-line since I missed it last night.

I'll have to enjoy the weather another time... it is to be back to normal temperatures this weekend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wii Fit

This Christmas, I received a wii as well as some fun gadgets with it like the wii fit balance board. Before it got cold, I was running/walking almost every day but now not so much and I did Pilates via a DVD. It is okay but not as fun as running.

I was just lamenting over this with my friend, Deb as well as seeing this article on this company that sends you a new exercise DVD every month. So I was contemplating this...

BUT thanks to Doug, I got the wii fit. I've been almost faithfully working out to it. I've been surprised at how much is on that thing and I've been surprised what activities have been more difficult for me like the hula hoop aerobic exercise! Who knew my hips wouldn't move that well... though I made a vast improvement today on the hula hoop.

Yes, it does weigh you everyday but I like that it shows you progress and that it tells you when you aren't doing a pose right for the strength/yoga exercises. I also like that it opens new activities/longer reps as you go.

All in all it has gotten a lot of use so far... now if I can just figure out how to snowboard on the balance games... I'm "unbalanced" according to the wii. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009


The Mysterious Package

Before Christmas, a package arrived at my door from Amazon.com... there was no note or indication of who it may be from except the fact that it was from Amazon. (It wasn't until after I opened it that I remembered that some people have died this way or seriously injured... opening unidentified packages). My curiousity grew as I opened it and I was glad I did. For inside was one of my favorite games, Ticket to Ride : European.

I wondered who it could be from... I have a couple of friends back in Portland that knew this was a game I enjoyed... could it be from them? I've asked... and it wasn't... they gave me a clue who it is from... so now I'm going to write a thank you card to who I think it is from... who knows, she may be mystified by my mysterious thank you card or she may know that I am very thankful for her gift!

Last night, Doug and I played it and of course had a great time! Thank you to those that leave great mysterious packages.

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