Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wii Fit

This Christmas, I received a wii as well as some fun gadgets with it like the wii fit balance board. Before it got cold, I was running/walking almost every day but now not so much and I did Pilates via a DVD. It is okay but not as fun as running.

I was just lamenting over this with my friend, Deb as well as seeing this article on this company that sends you a new exercise DVD every month. So I was contemplating this...

BUT thanks to Doug, I got the wii fit. I've been almost faithfully working out to it. I've been surprised at how much is on that thing and I've been surprised what activities have been more difficult for me like the hula hoop aerobic exercise! Who knew my hips wouldn't move that well... though I made a vast improvement today on the hula hoop.

Yes, it does weigh you everyday but I like that it shows you progress and that it tells you when you aren't doing a pose right for the strength/yoga exercises. I also like that it opens new activities/longer reps as you go.

All in all it has gotten a lot of use so far... now if I can just figure out how to snowboard on the balance games... I'm "unbalanced" according to the wii. :-)

How fun! We have a Wii but no balance board yet. I really want one - I think it would motivate me to work out. :)
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