Monday, January 12, 2009


The Mysterious Package

Before Christmas, a package arrived at my door from there was no note or indication of who it may be from except the fact that it was from Amazon. (It wasn't until after I opened it that I remembered that some people have died this way or seriously injured... opening unidentified packages). My curiousity grew as I opened it and I was glad I did. For inside was one of my favorite games, Ticket to Ride : European.

I wondered who it could be from... I have a couple of friends back in Portland that knew this was a game I enjoyed... could it be from them? I've asked... and it wasn't... they gave me a clue who it is from... so now I'm going to write a thank you card to who I think it is from... who knows, she may be mystified by my mysterious thank you card or she may know that I am very thankful for her gift!

Last night, Doug and I played it and of course had a great time! Thank you to those that leave great mysterious packages.

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