Friday, April 04, 2008


Native Culture

Kremmling, CO was the destination for our Nations Summit. It was a beautiful view with the mountains. We started our time by honoring the tribes represented which were 5. All different stories with common themes. Truly fascinating to hear all the various belief systems as well as how these 5 men and women became followers of Christ and now they are navigating what it means to be a Native American to their own tribes as well as follow Christ. Many challenges as well as joys. It was a great opportunity to be there to listen, learn, and soak up all that God is doing in their lives and communities.

Donnie, who is from the Navajo tribe, said that Natives have had Christ shared with them over the years; however, many have not demonstrated Christ. Very sobering thought as we trust the Lord for what that can look like for our ministry to not only share Christ but demonstrate His love, forgiveness, power, justice.

Renae who is Zuni brought with her Zuni bread and tamales that her grandmother made for us. It was amazing food. Also, Casaje taught us how to make fry bread from the Crow tradition. We had a feast.

The Lord provided many conversations and fun while I was there.

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