Thursday, April 10, 2008


Donuts, Dentures, and Life

The last two days in San Francisco have been really fun with my teammates. The first day we ate at Barnie's --- amazing hamburgers! I had the Parisian hamburger. Then we were off to find our hotel and to get the lay of the land and the essence of why people love San Fran.

Matt and Krista used to live around the area so they were great guides. We walked around North Beach (Italian sector) and China town. Saw some protesters afar off dealing with Tibet and the Olympic Torch and human rights. We hiked up one of many steep hills to Coit Tower which has a great view of Alcatraz and the city. Went to the wharf and then ended our day with an Italian meal.

The next day we met with the San Francisco team to hear about the history of the city, missions in the city, challenges and opportunities to share Christ there. Then we were off to San Francisco State University. We prayer walked. I heard a Palestinian speaker on the quad speaking against Israel and the Hillel group set up nearby to talk to people about Israel and being Jewish all while walking around campus and learning about the campus.

Then we met in the student union to talk through some partnership items for the city and our region. It was hard to stay focused.

We were sitting in the student center.... I was listening to Mikalatos talk and this man walked behind him and sat at the table behind Matt. Was was bizarre is that as he was walking he took his dentures out, stuck them in his pocket, and then happily sat down to eat his newly bought donut.... instead of chewing away, he was gumming at it very pleased indeed. Quite fascinating and gross at the same time. It was amazing that I could keep my focus!

We topped the day off with some Thai food family style.

Today, we have a few loose ends to tie up and then I'll stay an extra day in which I get to see 3 good friends and then I'll head down to a friend's wedding in Pasadena.

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