Sunday, December 02, 2007


Expected Travels

Before heading to Indiana, I had been planning on going to a Bridges conference (ministry to international students) in Seattle. I was able to go and had a great time. I love Seattle and I got to see some of the Seattle staff as well and hear about their lives. It was awesome to meet Blair and Amanda who are two volunteers that take time to be on campus to serve, love, and share who Christ is with international students.
I basically went to learn more about Bridges and ask a lot of questions. They were all great and a fun group of people. We ate well too which is always a plus. The Snappy Dragon had great Chinese food and I also got to go to the original Red Robin.
We also spent some time at University of Washington in the By George cafe. Does anyone know where the phrase, "By George" came from? We had an interesting conversation about that on our way to and from the cafe. :-)

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By George Cafe is called that because it is located near the George Washington statue on the Red square of the university. Daniela and i used to hang out there alot when we went to UW many moons ago
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