Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Upper Latourell Falls

15-Upper Latourell Falls-Closer View

This is the view that Hailey and I had on Saturday as we hiked the trail by the Lower and Upper Latourell Falls. I was more impressed by the Upper falls with its ribbon appearance.

On the hike we saw some amazing things in the midst of the rainy day. There were these beetles that had shiny, almost ruby like backs. Hailey said it looked like a Christmas tree lightbulb. I've never seen anything quite like it. There were some enormous tree trunks and the best gift of all was at the Upper waterfall itself.

Hailey and I were about to move on when a blue heron soared over our heads towards the fall and stood there. After a while it started inching its way towards the area where the falls were crashing. It spread its wings and flew straight into the falls and back behind where we could no longer see it. We were trying to figure out if it saw food or it was just curious. Regardless, it was a beautiful sight!

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