Tuesday, October 09, 2007


A new word

I was reading a book yesteday and the word, "synecdoche." It is an interesting word to represent a fascinating concept. So I thought I'd enlighten you just as I was enlightened. Enjoy!

“There is a word you may not know or, if you do, likely never use: synecdoche. Synecdoche (pronounced si-neck-dah-key with the emphasis on the neck sound) is a technical literary term. It means when a single part of some large, complex system stands for the whole: when ‘the crown’ stands for the entire tradition and history of royalty, or ‘the flag’ for all the complex
layers of patriotism, or ‘the cloth’ for the practice and personnel of ordained ministry, or ‘Nam’ for the whole experience, the blood and madness, of the Vietnam War. When a word or image functions in this way, it’s synecdochic." (by Mark Buchanan)

Good times. Of course being a Language Arts teacher for a year forced me to remember those things and teach them. I still have to break the word into syllables to remind myself how to say it. LOL Lis
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