Thursday, September 20, 2007


Fun at the Beach and Meetings

This week went to California and saw one of my best friends and her family. We hung out and celebrated our birthdays together at Lucille's bbq. Our birthdays are about a week apart and there have been several sweet moments where we have been able to celebrate together even though we live in different cities.
She has a little girl that will turn 2 a day after my birthday. One of the best presents I have been given was to be there to meet little Emma hours after she was born.

Anyway, the day I was to begin a week of all-day meetings, Deb and I went to Laguna Beach and played with E. on the playground and walked with a perfectly blue back drop of blue and green shades of ocean with rock formations all around.

Then onto the meetings which were fine and intriguing and exhausting but worth the work.

Wow, this deb person sounds so cool to hang out with! Too bad you don't have a picture to post.
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