Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Getting ready to go

I've spent the last couple of days getting ready for a training in Colorado. Should I bring that book? Do I have room for a game? Do I really need that one shirt/skirt? Decisions that you would think I have down by now but I don't.

Getting ready also entailed reading a couple of books on missions and movement building. By far the book, I've enjoyed the most is an autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. I've been fascinated how he was able to mobilize a group of people and help everyone stay focused on the real issues and not side issues.

Not sure, I'm totally ready for this time of training. Pray that the Lord would prepare me physically, emotionally, and spiritually to minister and come alongside of our leaders.

We'll miss you! No one coming to dinner tonight. Not that anyone would want to. Our littlest is sick with the flu. She is missing the teddy bear picnic, very sad. She and I are watching the Sound of Music. Hope you have a restful day before the mayhem begins.
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