Monday, May 21, 2007


Tribute to the Indy 500

Although I'm not an avid car racing fan, the one race I do pay attention to is the Indy 500. Growing up, the race was a staple of our Memorial Day weekend. My parents have fond memories of the race and passed them down to us. I remember going to the race at least twice as a family and the time trials many more times. (Personally the time trials were more interesting)

Last year as I traveled home on Memorial Day weekend for my brother's med school graduation, I sat by 4 gentlemen who were going to Indy for the big race. I was shocked by how excited they were. I always thought it was an Indiana thing; however, they were quick to tell me it is the BEST car race in the world. They have been almost every year and couldn't believe that I was traveling to Indiana for any other reason than the race.

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