Monday, April 23, 2007


Smells Like Teen Spirit

A couple of weeks ago, I was tired of hearing Love Me Do by the Beatles on my phone. Mark Lovejoy and Keith Phinney were the final say on what song I would hear all the time.

The vote was Smells Like Teen Spirit. I actually like it better 'cause it is a quieter song but to be honest I couldn't remember who sang it. Carla and Terry helped me out today and reminded me that it was Nirvana. (it was their first real hit on the charts)

Never would have pegged you as a fan of that song, Kerri. And I've never thought of Smells Like Teen Spirit as a "quiet song". I'll think of you everytime I hear that song now though...haha.
I'm so amused, you didn't know it was Nirvana. Good song, good times! Lisa
I really liked Nirvana when I was in high school and did my fair share of headbanging to this song. :) I hope we get to see each other at CSU this summer.
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