Thursday, April 05, 2007


Loucks Sesame Snaps

Carla came into the office today carrying a surprise for me from a mutual friend, Erin.

Loucks Sesame Snaps

I have never heard of them but apparently Erin saw these and thought of me... (in case you didn't notice... "Loucks" is in the title of the snack).

So at lunch I had the snack... they are pretty good. It is like a peanut brittle bar but with sesame seeds. It makes you thirsty when you eat it.

On the package, it says, "A nutritious snack"; however, when I looked at the nutrients it definitely isn't.... hope deceit isn't in my genes and I just didn't know it!

during my brief research on the products that we produce for US market, I foud your comment on sesame snaps that we produce in Poland :). Just wanted to let you know, that they ARE healthy (apart from high sugar content - but we're working on sugar free option). And one more thing - the owner of the company is Jesus follower :) /I had to add it after reading last sentence of your description/.
Tom Grabowski
I love them but I wish the fat contant was a little lower but the fiber and protein are good for you.
They are great for hiking - fills you up, gives you energy, and doesn't melt.

7grams of fiber is excellent. Wish there were a lower sugar version though - some of us need to watch our sugar intake.

The fat content is from the seeds and is not added to the product.
I absolutely LOVE these things! I keep them at work, at home and in my car because I get awful hunger headaches if I don't eat on time. I just hope that I can always find them or somehow order them (in other words I hope they don't go off the market) Great treat for anytime! And my grown children are hooked now :)
Just found these crackers today and Googled to find out more about them, that is how I came across your blog. I thought that name was interesting....Loucks. I used to live in Protection, Kansas and there were some Loucks living there.
As a diabetic, I enjoy these as a good low-carb snack. Take the carbs, 19, subtract the fiber, 7 = 12 gm of carbs for a diabetic.
I'm currently hunting for them in TN or online to buy.
I like them alot. Maybe u can use honey instead of sugar!
Kathy, OC, CA.
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