Monday, April 16, 2007


A Honken Pizza

While traveling to a new campus, you do what we call "decoding" a campus/community. Some things to look for:
~ where are the students hanging out?
~ are their affinity groups that hang out in a different location?
~ what makes this campus unique?
~ what unites the campus together?

This past week I got the chance to understand and know Eastern Washington University as well as the surrounding community of Cheney, WA.

Every campus has a nearby pizza parlor, but I never have seen this before... the sizes were small, medium, large, GIANT, and HONKEN. So, of course we had to order the Honken pizza and experience it! Making memories with the students and I'll never forget the Honken pizza moment!

As a side note: the pizza maker does not shout for joy when a honken pizza is ordered. They moan and groan pretty loudly. It makes me wonder, "Why put it on the menu?"

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