Monday, March 26, 2007


Quirky Movie Weekend

While dog sitting (yes, Russell Chen behaved well with just a few whining fits), I got the opportunity to see some movies I wouldn't normally rent.

Watched I Love Huckabees and Garden State. My brief review is that I liked the concept of I Love Huckabees but it felt disjointed a bit even though the concept was that everything is connected... so I thought that a bit ironic. I probably won't have a desire to watch this movie ever again.

Garden State was also quirky with two scenes that I'd be okay with not seeing but other than that, I really liked it. Just quirky enough but still could understand the plot. I laughed out loud with Carla while watching it. If you like movies with a lot of closure you probably shouldn't watch it though.

Russell and I are life long buddies now... and I must say that he is pretty cute.

Randomness...remember the part with the guy living in the boat! Who does that?

Let's buy a boat and live in it.
i love garden state.

(well, except for those 2 scenes, why couldn't they have left those out!)
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