Monday, March 19, 2007


Hmmm.... life is happening....

The problem with blogging is that when you don't do it for awhile it is harder to know what to write because so much has happened since the last time you wrote... so here are 3 things from the past week to share:

~ I enjoyed the fireplace in Seattle... unfortunately my roommates did not as much... they got hot, so didn't have it on as much as I'd like but I still enjoyed it a lot! The whole trip was fun and to talk on the Holy Spirit is always a delight for me since we are so dependent on Him.

~ Butler Bulldogs are still in the NCAA tournament! Yea! I picked them to win the whole thing. It would be so awesome if they did!

~ Lastly... I'm reading a book called, "Carter Beat the Devil". It is about a magician's life and some mystery involved with President Harding... about halfway through and it has sucked me in with it's history and intrigue.

Hurray, you're reading one of my favorite books. I'm almost due for a reread.
Okay that wasn't Matt, it was me! I just forgot to check the log in.
And you got to see Angel Oh. :)
that book is so good, watch out it's a bit crazy at the end
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