Monday, January 29, 2007


Western Oregon University

Taking off for a day trip. Not a vacation, not a "cool" spot to view or see, but a day trip of seeing what the Lord is doing at Western Oregon University (WOU) which has its own kind of "cool" factor.

I'll see Sara Turin who I got to hang out with all summer and meet several of her classmates who are all trusting the Lord and stepping out in faith to see Christ revealed on their campus.

We have two great volunteers too that encourage these men and women to follow Christ. I'll get to have dinner with them and hear their heart for the campus and these students.

And then... and then... I get to speak at their weekly meeting. This is the part when I ask you to pray for me. I get really nervous and yet it is a joy to speak about Christ and help others share their story of how they met their Savior so we can continue to hear story after story of God's GREATNESS and His work in this messy world!

It may not be a "cool" spot, but I did grow up there...
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