Monday, January 08, 2007


The Time Warp of Christmas

Wow... two weeks have gone by since Christmas. I always feel like I'm in a time warp starting Christmas Eve to mid-January! I've seen so many people, have seen the Lord do so many things, and then I rest for a few days!

Christmas with the fam was wonderful. Nice to see everyone and get snippets of news, conversations, and laughs in. I don't really get a full view of what is going on in everyone's lives but just being together is good. I definitely got an education in High School Musical, Nintendo Dogs, and various interests of my nieces and nephews.

Afterwards I spent time at our Portland Winter Conference. It was good to catch up with people but I never feel like I have enough time here either. Again snippets, phrases, and blurbs of people's lives but am glad to hear what the Lord is doing all over the region and world.

After our time with the staff, I crashed and was able to sleep, catch up on world events, and even some movies. The time warp has ended... the days of the week are coming into focus and some sense of normalcy has returned as of today, Jan. 8th. (though I had to look up the date as I typed!)

So funny! Glad you had a good Christmas. :-) I'm still trying to beat my daughter at her new High School Musical DVD Board Game--I just may be a lost cause. ;-)
Ah, High School Musical. I was given an introduction to that this past year. Talk about cheesy! But the kids are totally into it no matter their ethnicity. Glad you had a good Christmas. Lisa
I LOVE HS Musical!!!
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