Monday, December 11, 2006


Movie Weekend

What do Cars, Lakehouse, The Nativity, and Monster House all have in common? Movies that I've seen while resting these past two weeks.

This summer I wanted to watch Cars but never got around to it. I enjoyed the movie (I pretty much have liked all the pixar movies). The thing I was most impressed by was that the cars having romance didn't use trickery to fall in love... just going two different paths. BUT honestly, the best part of the DVD was hearing how the writer was inspired. He went on a road trip to get to know his family again after working hard on some movies.

The Nativity is actually out currently. I enjoyed it... moved a little slow but I think that was the point in some ways. It prepared me for Christmas. The cast is not American, which I liked and the props, landscapes, and costumes looked real. Gave me more of an appreciation for the Christmas story!

Lakehouse was my least favorite of all... but entertaining. You really do have to suspend reality.

And then there was Monster House. Pretty scary for animation and it reminded me of The Goonies for whatever reason. It was creative, bizarre, and downright scary at times.

So that is what I've been doing while resting trying to get over whatever it is I've got.

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