Saturday, December 23, 2006


Everyone is here!

We are officially here to celebrate Christmas! My sister and her kids just walked through the doors while I was working on a Christmas gift on my parent's dial-up. It is so slow... I forget sometimes. But I'm glad they have internet of some kind. They are the last to arrive for 3 days full of games, celebrating, and getting reacquainted with everyone!

Tonight we will also have the famous pizza of Pizza King. A chain only found in Indiana. They have the best hot subs I have tasted. It is a tradition to have Pizza King at least once if not twice while home! The other is having ice cream from the Tastee Freeze (umm... I mean the Busy Bee -- it has changed names and I always forget). It is only open in the summer though so I'll have to wait until June or August... not sure when coming home again.

Just so you know, there is a Pizza King in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Perhaps you'll find it other places as well.
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