Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Visitors on Turkey Day

My friends, the Bazemore's, came to visit me for Thanksgiving!

It has meant a lot to me to have someone who knows me come to visit and stay with me. It actually makes you feel more grown up for whatever reason to not have to find a place to hang out on a holiday and that you plan the time and cook for someone else.

Usually I go home or I'm a guest where I may bring one aspect of the meal but I realized that this was more fun for me to have people over. I got to roast the turkey and it actually turned out well... Deb made rolls, the salad, and a pie. It was fun to collaborate and make some new traditions.

It was also fun to be home for a holiday and the time with Deb, Matt, and Emma was priceless to me. They are like family.

We know the Bazemores...well, Matt anyway, and we've met his wife. He and Adam were on project together as students. Small world...sounds like you had a good time.
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