Thursday, October 26, 2006



The picture I wish I would have taken...

At the zoo with my sister and niece... all over the zoo there are signs posted, "Please, do not feed the animals. Even leaves can harm them."

Pic #1 that I wish I had:
We are walking by the rhinos and I see a mother of two pick up an apple core from the ground and she tosses no, actually she throws the apple into the rhinos space hitting the rhino pretty dang hard square in the face. She was horrified that she hit it so hard. I was horrified that the rhino could charge and easily run her down!

Pic #2 that I wish I had taken:
There were a lot of giraffes and they were pretty active and honestly very elegant. There is a guy with his son taking branches off a tree and feeding them to a giraffe. I'm sure he'll remember it for the rest of his life as a good memory with his dad though.

Nothing like good ole' justice, right Kerr? I know what you mean. There are signs all over the Giant forest saying keep to the path and around the Sherman tree saying, "Stay out of the fenced area" but people were climbing over to get pictures anyway. I actually confronted one group and another gentleman yelled a reminder to a family doing the same. It hurts the trees but people are self-focused.
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